Donate To Stella Marina

How Can You Help

There are two ways to help

  1. Donate directly to Stella Marina through Operation Starfish (be sure to put “Stella Marina” in the memo line of your check).  Direct Donation via the website is coming soon, if you prefer an electronic donation
  2. Have Stella Marina help your group make and donate birthing kits to Haiti.
  • We can help organize and/or participate in a fundraiser
  • order the necessary medical supplies
  • organize the kit building activity
  • help get the kits to Food for the Poor for shipment to Haiti.

If you are interested in our help please click here and we will be in touch with you

Donating To Stella Marina

Thank You for considering making a donation to Stella Marina. Join us in solving the challenge in Haiti to improve the birthing process for the women to make delivery, clean and safe.  According to a Save the Children 2010 paper titled "Clean Birth Kits - Potential to Deliver?", "(F)or centuries, a clean birth has been recognized as essential to the health and survival of both mothers and newborns.  Nevertheless, each year an estimated 1 million newborns and mothers will die from infections soon after birth."  What is even more shocking is that to provide a woman a clean, safe delivery costs less than $2, less than a cup of coffee.

If you would like to make a donation, you may send a check addressed to

Church of the Nativity
ATTN: Operation Starfish/Stella Marina
6400 Nativity Lane
Burke, VA 22015

Please add Stella Marina to the memo section of the check to ensure that it is allocated to our group.

Thank You and May God Bless You