COVID Builds

Stella Marina Update

COVID-19 and the need for social distancing required Stella Marina to rethink how we were going to continue our mission - providing clean delivery birthing kits to the midwives in Haiti.  Through prayers and keeping an open heart and mind - Stella Marina found a way! While we could not have groups of 70 people helping us in a central location and production line, we could have 30 families make the kits at their homes.

By putting together supplies for 50 kits into bundles, we had 30 families put together 1,500 kits on Mother’s Day.  We sent out a Sign Up Genius to our list of volunteers and all 30 slots were filled in less than 2 hours!  While typically the kits are paid for by the group making them, these kits were part of our previously planned parish-side Lenten kit build.  These kits were paid for through the generosity of parishioners and other donors.

On the Saturday before Mother’s Day, the volunteers came to our storage facility - staying in their cars - and Stella Marina volunteers, who wore masks and gloves, put the supplies in the cars.  The finished kits were returned the next weekend, following the same protocols (staying in their cars with gloved and masked Stella Marina volunteers taking the finished kits from the trunks of cars).

The following is some testimony from the families:

The girls “volunteered because they wanted to help out those less fortunate.  They were surprised that giving a small amount of their time could possibly save lives.”

“Being able to provide this service for Mother’s Day and during these days of quarantine was such a gift.  The ability touch each item and build the kits gave us much to reflect upon.  For our young boys, it was a gift to perform a tangible service - to see and touch the items and realize the direct impact of their efforts.”


“I can’t imagine what women in Haiti go through without even the most basic needs! As I put together these kits, I was surprised at how moved I was.”