Thank You St. Mary's Church


This is the second time St. Mary’s has happily supported the Stella Marina Project in now building over 2,000 birthing kits for the women in Haiti. We are drawn to this beautiful ministry for many reasons. Growing up in the affluent suburbs of Washington DC/Richmond, VA we often find ourselves losing sight of the perspective that God has abundantly blessed us, that we have MORE than we need.  In serving “the least of these,” the act of putting together simple kits and praying over them, sending our prayers of blessing and support for those who will use the kits, is a physical reminder that many in our world have very limited resources. It is a humbling experience and a gift to those participating.  With this second build project, we intentionally included our confirmation teams and used the experience as a corporal work of mercy. The students were shown a video about the Stella Marina Project and the tremendous poverty and need in Haiti.  The students and adult volunteers watched wide-eyed and as we shared the materials and assembly line instructions, many had tears in their eyes as they realized what we take for granted or throw away often, is a true necessity for many.

We are all linked as brothers and sisters in Christ. May God continue to bless your good work.

We look forward to supporting you again very soon!

Peace & Blessings!