The Kits

Newborn Kits

Each new mother is now given a newborn kit. The kit includes a cloth diaper and pins, onesie, receiving blanket, towel (diaper wipe), small vinyl changing pad, and a cloth sanitary napkin. 

The Kits

The “six cleans” include clean hands, clean perineum, clean delivery surface, clean cord cutting implement, clean cord tying, and clean cord care. Clean birth kits are the focus of Stella Marina and include only disposable items for clean birth practices.  The kits contain the following – all which help meet the “six cleans”:

1. Bar of Soap

2. Sterile gloves

3. Sterile alcohol wipe

4. Absorbent underpad

5. Scalpel (#10)

6. Sterile gauze

7. String

8. Ziploc bag (for disposal of items)