Stella Marina’s mission may have started with providing clean delivery birthing kits, but for our first trip to Cap Haitien in 2018, we expanded to include midwife training.  With a partnership with Inova Fair Oaks delivery simulation lab, we were able to create several videos regarding chlldbirth.  The videos included how to handle several difficult births including a feet-first birth, and umbilical cord around the baby’s neck.  These videos were used by our volunteers who traveled with us - but most importantly can be used by Dr. Maklin for future trainings.  During our trip, the training we provided included hands-on activities such as learning infant CPR, how to tie and cut the umbilical cord, and how to use a nasal aspirator to clear the infant’s nose.

Since our trip, we have made several instructional videos for pieces of medical equipment that we have provided to the midwives.  We continue to develop training modules and plans for videos and future trips to Haiti.

Training 1
Training 2
training getting kits

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